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Ask the Geeky Nanny: Advice on Parenting, Childcare, and Being a Childcare Provider (Teen Babysitter

Welcome Friends, This advice column is intended to show the nanny agency's transparency. The advice given here is in direct alignment with our beliefs, actions, and who we are as individuals. All advice given here does indeed reflect representation of the agency and should be taken into consideration as such.

You will be given straightforward advice, but it is up to you what you do with it. I can't promise that you will agree with all the advice I will give, but I can tell you that we will have opportunities to self reflect and perhaps learn from each other.

Join in on the conversations where you feel you would be more helpful by commenting than by not. This is a bully free zone. No shaming of kids or parents, no name calling, or use of profanity. Although I am respectful and genuinely good company, don't doubt for one second that I won't become your wise aunt and tell you straight up to just go take a time out.

As I would never send a nanny or babysitter to your home that I wouldn't have had watched my own children, I hope you feel the same trust in the advice I give here.

Please send your letters to askthegeekynanny@gmail.com. All responses will be posted to the blog and no legal names will be used. Please give up to 2-3 days for a response. Advice backed by wisdom that holds no punches takes some time if it is going to be relatable, and meaningful to a specific question.

We will have times of great laughter, and perhaps times when we will have to grab a tissue to wipe tears full of joy. Victories are ahead my friends!

Do you have a burning question about your child? Are you a nanny who is thinking about quitting the job? A childcare entrepreneur needing proven advice? A grandparent looking for ways to stay connected to the grand kids that live far away? Are you a prospective client of The Geeked Out Nanny Agency, and would like to see how the Geeky Nanny responds? Get behind the scenes by reading our advice column, ask questions!

I'll be checking my mailbox, I absolutely love getting mail from friends.


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