• Tearri Rivers

Literacy, Science and Art Oh My! STEAM STORIES for Your Childcare Program

Have you been looking for a way to incorporate STEAM into your childcare program? Well look no further....STEAM STORIES is here!

What is STEAM Stories? STEAM Stories is a dedicated story time program that brings STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) into the childcare setting. We bring a fun picture book to illustrate how STEAM works in real life, and all of the materials to complete the projects. Our passion for sharing STEAM Stories shows up the minute we arrive, as as we are dressed in character to provide a element of surprise. Through hands on projects the little ones can get the Big Idea and soon make connections to how STEAM makes a positive difference in our everyday lives, and our community.

The program's mission is to offer childcare providers with an on site program that will enhance their literacy, science, math and art curricula.

Goodnight Lab written by Chris Ferrie is a scientific parody of the well known book, Goodnight Moon. Goodnight Lab has the same repetition that children enjoy so much while reading Goodnight Moon. The setting of the book takes place in a Lab. Albert Einstein is cleverly introduced by being showcased in the same picture frame that had the cow jumping over the moon in the book Goodnight Moon. Young children will love the repetition in this book, which will help them to learn to recognize and name various science tools that are found in a lab. Goodnight Lab is a perfect book to introduce STEAM Stories to young children.

The story objects in the tool box are quite interesting. The objects represent the lab tools that are in the book.

Our STEAM Stories are meant to inspire the love of reading and all things STEAM. When we come to your childcare program be prepared for giggles over books and art. At the same time the activities are quite engaging, which creates focused attention that will provide a cheerful balance among the group.

Matching object to picture makes for a fun game during STEAM Stories time.

It wouldn't be STEAM Stories if we couldn't dress the part and do art.

Glow in the Dark Paint! Let's Play!

Shall we paint, play with flashlights, and be curious?

Witnessing a child discovering on their own that the flashlight is enhancing the glow in dark paint is just one of the benefits you as a childcare provider will be receiving from incorporating STEAM Stories into your childcare or preschool program.

Not sure if STEAM Stories is a good fit for your childcare program? For a limited time we are offering Free Class Trials.

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