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The Geeky Nanny's Fall Bucket List

It's Fall Ya'll! A great season that organically makes nature become art and all things comfy become a requirement. It is one of my most favorite seasons, so I just had to share all things Fall with you all today.

1. Visit a Sunflower Garden

2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch and take pictures while your there with the family wearing matching Fall Sweaters

3. Make some Pumpkin Slime

4. Go on a Nature Hunt

5. Make a Fall Wreath

6. Taste Test a Variety of Apples

7. Make Your Own Applesauce

8. Dress Up as Your Favorite Book Character for a Day

9. Let the children plan a dinner meal that includes all of the food groups

10. Volunteer at a Food Pantry

11. Donate to the Food Pantry in Your Neighborhood

12. Do a Science Experiment That shows How Leaves Change Colors

13. Make Nature Art

14. Play Kick ball, and forget abut the rules

15. Learn the Parts of a Pumpkin

16. Build a Scarecrow from Hay and Materials From Home

17. Go to a Highschool Football Game

18. Watch the movie It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

19. Collect Leaves then Press Them

20. Read a Book Under a Tree with a Blanket

21. Have Apple Cider and Donuts for Dessert

22. Make a Jar to Put Your Thankful Thoughts In

23. Decorate a Pumpkin using Textile Materials

24. Go to a Soccer Game

25. Go on a Hay Ride

26. Plan a Fall Garden

27. Have a Bonfire

28. Make a Pumpkin Pie

29. Make Popcorn Balls

30. Go Trick-or-Treating

31. Give Thanks

Most of all have fun and be present in the moment! I certainly hope Fall brings nothing but goodness your way.

Leave a comment with your favorite Fall activity, so I can add it to my Bucket List.

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