• Tearri Rivers

Why Your Having A Hard Time Finding A Babysitter

Where are all the babysitters? Most likely the area that you live in is saturated with babysitters who are looking for a job at the same time your looking for a babysitter. So, why haven't you found a babysitter yet? You have placed an ad, got a huge response, and have interviewed a few. You hired a babysitter and now everyone is excited, but the day the job was to begin no babysitter. Another no show! What happened? Perhaps your are making the 3 most common mistakes that will sabotage any babysitting search.

Mistake #1: Are you looking for the cheapest rate you can get for a babysitter? It's absolutely fine to see what the market rate would be in your area, but this information should not be a determining factor in deciding which babysitter to hire. Your location, the duties you are asking of them, time of day, the age of the children, how many children, and also their experience level all play a part on how the babysitter arrives at their charge for services. If you are setting the rate then you are not interviewing professional babysitters.

Mistake #2: You look for a babysitter when your in a pinch! The thought of hiring a a babysitter never crosses your mind until the time arrives, which isn't often. Frustrated, because you keep missing out on opportunities at work, or to hang out with friends. And whenever you have an impromptu date night the babysitter you interviewed weeks ago is now booked.

Mistake #3: You are judging the potential babysitter by how they look. Does she have to be young? Does your babysitter have to be a female? If you are limiting your options based on looks in anyway you probably will never be able to find a reliable babysitter. There is no way to tell whether a babysitter is of good moral character by their size, hair length, sex, or color of their skin. Take a moment to self reflect and ask yourself if you have been judgmental without even realizing it.

The best way to fix these mistakes is by building relationships with the babysitters in your community. Some communities have babysitting clubs that consist of parents who swap babysitting. Joining a babysitting swap is a good starting point to begin your babysitter search. Start the search for your babysitter when you start actively looking for a pediatrician, or when you have been giving guardianship of a child who may still need supervision when you are away. Stay in contact with your tribe of babysitters so when an unexpected need for babysitting arrives everyone is still familiar with one another. If you prefer not to swap babysitting service then make a list of benefits that you would be receiving from having babysitting services. Keep this handy list as a reminder of why paying for a babysitter is important to your family and every dollar spent on babysitting services will feel worth it. Understand that babysitters chose this lifestyle because they love to spend time with children and to be a helping hand to the family. Babysitters are special people who care for your children make sure you express how special they are for being so patient with children, and for taken the time to get to know your family. This is important because there are many babysitters who will work for you as long as they feel appreciated. Back up babysitters are great to have so while your on the search you should be making a back up list for the times when your babysitter that you hired is not available. This back up list is extremely important and needed. However, if you judge someone because of the way they look your back up list will come up short and become filled with the babysitters whose track record shows that they are not really dependable.

We, at the Agency view babysitting as a platform to bring developmentally appropriate early childhood and school age experiences into family's home. Our babysitters genuinely care and work hard to earn the trust of the parents they work one on one with. The agency is able to carry out it's mission of bringing reliable, trustworthy and safety conscious babysitters due to their dedication to provide quality childcare.

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