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Reader's Question: Changing Daycares

Dear Geeky Nanny: I need advice about my 3 year old. He loves his daycare that he has been in for a whole year. We are moving so we are going to have to put him in a different daycare and he doesn’t like changes. I was wondering if you can give me advice on how I can help him adapt and think positively about going to a new daycare. Thanks!

-Harper from Michigan

Dear Harper: It sounds like a party is in order. Ask your current childcare provider when would be the best time to set up this small gathering for everyone to celebrate their friendships and to say goodbye to their dear friend. Make sure your son is involved in the party planning and preparation. A mini valentine party with a snack and thank you cards made by your son for being a good friend to pass out is suffice. No balloons or other activities needed just a special snack (maybe your son's favorite snack), a special time with special friends. If possible all of his friends can make him one big picture to take with him as a reminder of their friendship that your son can hang up in his new bedroom. Encourage your childcare provider to discuss with your son how proud they are of him and how his new childcare provider will be a wonderful person too. Doing a countdown to the big move would be helpful too, so get a calendar and start having your son put a smile face on the day or X out the days as they pass so he knows exactly when the move is coming. If it is possible have your son visit his new daycare during open hours when the children are active to get to know some faces and his new teacher. Make sure he knows that you chose this new daycare because you know he will like it. Give about two weeks for your son to have fully transitioned into his new daycare. Different schedules at daycares can cause this adjustment period to last longer. Some daycares have naps early, and then some have naps at a later time. The first week at daycare should begin with the first day as a half day and then pick him up each day a hour later then the day before, by the 5th day he should have spent the full day there . Once all settled into your new home reestablish your daily routine and take this time to tweak any old routines that weren't working before. New daycare, new house, new beginnings! This transition will probably be harder on you, so make sure when you establish the new routine you have included some self care time. Good luck!

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