• Tearri Rivers

Finding Your "Why" As A Childcare Entrepreneur

I have always marveled at the workings of the child. Children fascinate me in many ways. It just makes my heart smile when I see their wheels turning when they begin to grasp their rattles, eat independently, and while they play. I innately feel protectiveness over their well being. The first time I stepped in the role of a Lead Teacher at a childcare center (which was about 18 yrs ago) I felt a strong sense of belongingness and knew I was right where I was suppose to be. Children receive me openly and we have a mutual bonding that happens as if the universe has brought us together. It hasn't been an easy road in this role, but knowing Why I am in this profession has helped me tremendously on the decisions I have had to make as a Childcare Entrepreneur.

We read far too many articles of when childcare professionals have neglected children. It makes me sick to my stomach and I always scream out "Why". Children are vulnerable human beings and to me if you take the time to look into their eyes it would be too difficult to hurt them in any way. I belong to many Facebook Groups and see the overwhelming amount of babysitters and/or Nannies who are looking to babysit for money because their in a tight spot for money. I get the money part, by why choose babysitting as if it is a job that is comparable to clocking in at a fast food restaurant. Others even offer to provide childcare services in their home unlicensed, which is illegal to do in the State of Michigan. They may be excellent at providing care for children, but they are definitely missing the special ingredients that are needed to ensure safety and quality childcare. When you have a Why you won't take shortcuts, and you will do the work that is necessary to accomplish your vision. Being a childcare entrepreneur is a wonderful experience. It doesn't matter if your profession is a babysitter, nanny, preschool teacher, or childcare owner the mission is still the same, which is to share quality early childhood experiences with the children in our lives. Knowing Why you choose to be a professional in the childcare industry is critical to your success in carrying out your role as a childcare provider.

With a new year approaching it is a great time to revisit why your doing what you do. Reflecting on your Why will help you accomplish your goals you have for your childcare entrepreneurial journey. The first question I always ask my childcare coaching clients is why did they decide to go into the early childhood education field. This answer holds the key to everything they are seeking in order to have a successful childcare business.

I have all of my Whys recorded in my goal planning journal. I do not make any decisions without reflecting on my Why. I had plenty of distractions before I started implementing my Why Journal. We often get pulled into different directions, acting on ideas that we see other's doing.... with your Why Journal you will be more focused then ever. You will be unstoppable!

By the time you finally get to go sleep at night you have made a lot of decisions about the well being of a child. It is very vital to the success of the child and your business that you keep your Whys at the forefront of your thinking process.

I love this video by Richard Cohen "Top Ten Signs You're An Early Childhood Educator". His descriptions of who is and isn't an early childcare educator are funny and accurate.

Undoubtedly knowing your Why will help you in many ways, especially with your business plan. My best advice to any childcare entrepreneur is to write down your Whys then from there begin to work on your business planning.

Parents have many questions when they are interviewing potential childcare providers. One of the most frequently asked questions of childcare providers by parents is "Why did you choose to become a babysitter, preschool teacher, or daycare owner?" and as a Childcare Entrepreneur you should be able to answer this question without any hesitation.

Childcare Entrepreneurs work with me to help their childcare business become a legacy. You can schedule your Free Coaching Consultation here. We can Skype, phone, email, or meet in person if your in the area. In my coaching session I can show you how your Why will help your business grow like no other! Whether your a babysitter, nanny, preschool teacher, or daycare owner I can help you be able to choose Plan A over Plan B. Let's chat about how we can make a positive difference in the communities we live in with a purposeful plan.

I would love to hear Why your a Childcare Entrepreneur. Leave some inspiration in the comments and share your Why with us.




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