• Tearri Rivers

STEAM Stories: The Snowy Day

Here it is already mid January and we are 26 days into our 90 Day Challenge. So far it has been an amazing journey and I personally want to say "Thank You!" to each and everyone of you for your constant support. Hardworking families deserve high quality and affordable childcare services 24\7, and we are about to make this vision become a reality.

We are also back in session with STEAM Stories as well. This week's STEAM Stories activities were inspired by the book "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Keats, if you haven't read this book yet then please pop over to this Read Aloud right now, and then come right back here so you can see some fun STEAM activities to go along with the book.

After the class reading/discussion period we made some Speedy Snow. They enjoyed experimenting with the different amounts of water and the snow powder. Their goal was to combine the two ingredients to make the Speedy Snow feel as much as possible as real snow.

They did well! However, they soon learned by trial and error that the Speedy Snow did not make an actual snowball. They were really interested in reenacting Peter in the book when he places a snowball in his pocket. Our conversation topics led to talks about cause and effect, the water cycle, guesstimation, and a lot of "I Wonder" questions.

I made a model of the Life Cycle of a Snowman to gear them up for our engineering challenge.

Our Engineering Challenge was to build a snowman with the materials that were inside the bag. Before they began building their snowman they completed the design process worksheet. This worksheet helped them to think about how they were going to use the materials in their bags to engineer their very own snowman.

Their snowmen turned out great, but not without frustration and their ability to change their original ideas to make their snowman come to life. The children ages ranged from 4-7 years old and this activity was perfect for them, and mostly mess free. We only had 50 minutes together and this time was well spent.

Snowy Day is a perfect read to inspire STEAM Activities! I encourage you all to do these activities with the kiddos in your life. You can purchase the Speedy Snow from Amazon . I actually found the Speedy Snow at Jo Ann's Craft Store, along with the top hat, styrofoam balls, ribbon (scarf), and tree. You can find the toothpicks, and googly eyes from the dollar store. The Design Process Worksheet is available in our Resource Library.

Remember we love sharing our passion for STEAM with children from infants through schoolagers. We would love to bring STEAM Stories to you! Your first STEAM Stories session is free, so contact us today to book your first session and give your children an opportunity to fall in love with all things STEAM and Stories.

Have a Happy Snowy Day Everyone!





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