• Tearri Rivers

The Case for Play: Sew Much Fun

Our Mother's Helpers, and Babysitters are bringing their love for children, and their talents to your children through our signature service The Case for Play.

No more worrying about if your children will be having a good enough time to not come to you that their bored while the Mother's Helper is in the house. No more worrying about if your school age child is missing out on enrichment activities because you can't be the taxi driver. You will have confidence that when you leave your children in the care of one our babysitters, or mother's helper that your child is engaging in developmental appropriate practices while your near or far.

We're behind the scenes setting up a gallery that you will be able to click on the picture of the Case for Play you feel with keep your child(ren) curiously engaged while your working, hanging out with friends, or enjoying a date night.

Our first official Case for Play that can be requested right now is "Sew Much Fun!". Safe, reliable, trustworthy childcare provider and sewing lessons?! Yes, you read that right.

Also, if your child is interested in beginning sewing lessons we will come to you. Perhaps they may be old enough not to need childcare, but would love to learn how to sew.

Why learn how to sew? From practicing fine motor skills to increase problem solving to building self-esteem to nurturing design talent, sewing unlocks the doors to a variety of interesting projects.

There are two sewing projects to choose from and for the beginner sewer it takes about 2 hours to complete. The Penguin is a hand sewn project, and the pillow with hearts is a machine sewn project.

All of the Cases for Play include all the materials for the projects, in this Case it even includes us bringing one sewing machine.

Our Cases for Play will have a suggested age range. The Sew Much Fun Case for Play suggested age is 4 years old and up.

We also can accommodate threading and preschool sewing projects in our Sew Much Fun Case for Play. No family member shall be left out of fun. This is true for all of our Cases for Play.

Sew what are you waiting on?! Go ahead and book a babysitter, or mother's helper for your needs and a sewing lesson for the KID(S).





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