• Tearri Rivers

An Open Letter to the Parents of Studio One

Dear Parents of Studio One,

I know it probably felt like you were on an emotional roller coaster while leaving your children during the first days. Separation for the first time or being left at a new place can be hard for children too. I really do want your children to feel that I am an extension of you as a parent. like an aunt. We have created relationships with each other and it is an incredible experience that I feel grateful to be a part of. Thank you! As I reflect on the last 60 days of providing care to your children. I wanted to give you a glimpse of what was happening behind the scenes while you were away during the first days.

The first days were rather difficult for our infant twins (6 months), it was soulful rocking them to sleep and then placing them down to nap. They did not like the playpens at all. So, the twins and I made an agreement that I will play a song for them, while rocking them asleep. By accident we discovered "Thinking Out Loud" sung by Ed Sheeran . This song did the trick for both of them and now they are always smiling, very alert when I am talking to someone else, and love to practice new sounds that they can make. We call them the "Chiefs", because they are who monitor our tone of voices, and voice levels.

It never fails that when the twins both go to sleep during our nap time that one of our six year old's pops his head up from his quiet time area and says "Is it reading time yet?". I love it! Giving this little guy reading lessons just gives me an energy boost and gives him the one on one attention he deserves.

I was worried about your 3 year old adjusting for about a week, and then all of a sudden she is ready to be here. And now acts as if she has always been here. I absolutely look forward to seeing her give her grandma a tour of the Studio. I think she is ready to do all the Parent Tours around here. The way she describes the materials always makes my heart smile. Her 5 year old sister is so helpful too! She is one of my other pair of eyes, and keeps herself busy with arts and crafts and Legos during nap time. She is definitely a leader during group time as well.

Thank goodness for the other 3 year old .He loves to build robots, trucks, and play with playdoh. His love of routine and order helps us all to stay on schedule. He even knows when everybody is coming and going. Love it!

When the 3 siblings arrived it was right on time! The oldest gives compliments to kids, staff and parents. I love his growth mindset and the encouragement he gives as a leader during play time. The middle child although only 4, and carries a blanket is quite mature. He tells me he likes it at my house everyday, but is still trying to figure out which part of the house I live in. LOL! And please forgive me for laughing at the almost 2 year old when she responds with a "no" when I ask her to do something. She does it anyway right after saying "NO!" while wearing a smile. I just want her to always feel so brave to say no.

Also, thank you for allowing me to spend time with your 5 year old daughter as well. She quickly reminded me that the intrinsic motivation is most important. Yes, we do Time Ins not Time Outs. I love how she can express herself with words!

And last, but not least thank you for sticking it out for some longer days and late nights. I thought it would never end, although I always had faith that the crying would stop. Now your almost two year old laughs, and sings as soon as you drive away and also has me read him a ton of books. His favorite is no other than "Brown Bear, What Do You See?"

I know it was a rough few days or weeks for some, I am so glad that we have new family members in our home that have settled in and now feel comfortable to be who they are. The kiddos know each other by name now. The only person who calls the children by the wrong name is me. I do know who I am talking to. Lol. Yes, we are one big family!

I Love Ya'll!





 Lansing ,MI