• Tearri Rivers

The 5 Types of Childcare Providers

We offer three types of childcare services at the Agency, with that being said I bet you can guess how many inquiries we receive each day in regards to childcare. Today, I wanted to give you an overview of the 5 types of Childcare Providers that are most frequently used when hiring childcare services.

1). The Babysitter: A babysitter is someone you hire that comes to your home. Most of the time the family that they are caring for has a set schedule they would like the babysitter to follow. The main duties of a babysitter is to care for the children. A babysitter may be used on a regular basis, but most of the time they are hired for special occasions, or as a back up plan for childcare.

2). The Nanny: A Nanny is someone that comes to your home on a regular basis. They typically have a degree in Early Childhood Education, and have years of experience providing care to children. They also have a strong desire to stay with the same family providing care from birth and beyond.

3). The Relative Childcare Provider: The Relative Childcare Provider Is someone that is related to the family by blood, or marriage. Depending on the State you live in your relative provider could come to you to provide childcare in your home, or you can take them to their relatives house who will be providing the childcare.

4). The Licensed In Home Provider: Provides childcare in their home to related and unrelated children. They have a licensed issued by their state that allows them to legally care for children in their home. The State has done proper background checks, validates that the childcare provider has completed required training(s), and made sure their home is safe for children to be in care. How many children the licensed in home provider can care for at one time depends on zoning, and approval from the State Department of Child Daycare Licensing.

5). A Licensed Daycare Center Provider: A licensed daycare center provider does not provide care in their own residence. This is one of the obvious differences among the other types of childcare providers. Daycare Centers that are privately owned are licensed by their State Daycare Licensing Department. and may have different capacities based on their building size. Daycare centers care for large groups of children at one time and have different ratios, and staff training(s), and responsibilities to uphold their licensing status than a licensed in home childcare provider would have to meet.

Each type of childcare provider has different services that are offered within their scope of providing care. Once you know the difference between the types of childcare providers you can then decide on which type of childcare provider you should hire based on your family's specific needs.

Luckily, now we have a plethora of childcare options to choose from, back in the 1970's and 1980's the most available option was The Relative Childcare Provider, and Nannies for the well- to- do. The childcare industry has come a long way, and it seems like everyday there are more and more childcare options available for all.

The Agency's Licensed In Home Childcare Studio has been meeting the needs of our community by operating 24/7 and our Drop In Program has been highly favored and used daily. We are able to do this because it is home based, which brings huge benefits to our families.

Next week on the blog we will discuss the different benefits that you can receive from the 5 different types of childcare providers and how knowing these benefits can help you make a sound judgement on which childcare option is best for your family.





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