• Tearri Rivers

The Benefits of the 5 Types of Childcare Providers

Last week I shared about the 5 Types of Childcare Providers that are most often used. This is so important to know when exploring the overwhelming amount of childcare options that are available to you. There is a difference among the 5 types of childcare providers. Each type has their own benefits that you should know before deciding on which type of childcare provider will best fit your family's needs.

Go ahead and make a list of your childcare needs. Once this list is complete look at the chart above and weed out the provider that can or cannot fulfill these needs. By the time you have finished your checklist the type of childcare provider that will best fit your family should be screaming at you now. If you are looking for just a few days a month for childcare, then a babysitter or relative provider might be the best fit. On the other hand if you want someone to come to your home a few days a week then a Nanny is who you would want to hire. Do you want your child to socialize with other children outside of the home? Then narrow down the type of licensed provider that would best suit you. Look at the hours of operation between the two and go from there. Licensed In Home Providers tend to have longer hours of operation then Licensed Daycare Centers do. Also, daycare centers tend to have higher security measures than licensed in home childcare providers.

Once you know the type of provider you are looking for the next step would be starting the interviewing process. Schedule interviews with nanny or babysitter candidates at coffee shops to maintain professionalism. Call and schedule a few tours with licensed in home childcare providers and licensed daycare centers.

If you still are having a difficult time choosing a childcare provider after the interviews; Ask your friends for recommendations. Never hesitate to ask for references if your deciding between two candidates to help make your final decision. Also, schedule another tour at a different time to get a real feel of the licensed provider.

The energy you feel while interviewing a childcare provider should be taken in consideration too. As a childcare provider I absolutely love what I do and I certainly want potential families to feel that love.

Now that you know the 5 Types of Childcare Providers and their benefits your childcare search should feel less like a chore and more like an adventure. Good luck!





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