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MIX iT Up!: Preschool Days

Updated: Apr 4

Wonderings of what is that on the shelf keep coming in from the children. Their eyes have been laying on the science and art shelves since entering.

If by any chance you have been following this blog then you know how much I love to share picture books that incorporate STEAM activities. Pop over here to see more about STEAM STORIES that I love to read to children.

MIX iT UP! is written by the same author Herve Tullet, who wrote PRESS HERE both are interactive books that are "like magic" as one child described it, who happened to have read the book before. In the book MIX iT UP! you are following the directions of the author and by using your fingers you can mix colors on the book pages to create new colors, or make colors darker and lighter.

Just like in the book you can use your fingers to mix green and yellow to make blue. We used finger paint to explore color mixing.

I introduced our color mixing activity that is available on our science shelf. It was placed on the science shelf for space reasons, and could easily go along with other activities on the art shelf.

Gorgeous colors were created!

The children really wanted to know what the beakers were for and could they use them.

They enjoyed using baking soda and vinegar to explode colors and were in awe of the different reactions that came from the different shaped and sized beakers.

I definitely didn't plan on color mixing lasting for two hours, but that is what they did. If it wasn't for lunch time I think they would of spent all day exploring colors.

Another day of following the child in the books, and I am loving it!





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