• Tearri Rivers

Thank You's For August 2018: The Community Has Spoken

We cannot enter another month without saying "Thank you!", In August we accomplished our goals for the month with a lot of help from our community.

Our number one goal was to have our enrollment at 100% at Studio One. We did it! We appreciate the support that came from Family and Friends, our parents who have enrolled their children in our programs, the readers of this blog and our Ask the Geeky Nanny Community on Facebook.

Fellow providers who reached out to me, we can't thank you enough. Networking was at all time high, because of you! I am looking forward to collaborating with as many licensed childcare providers in Michigan as I can in the month of September.

Have you heard of the Not Your Mother's Networking Group on Facebook? If you are a woman who lives in Ingham County you should join this group. :) You can ask about most anything you need help with and there are 1000's of woman willing to answer your questions. Wow! We received many inquiries from this group and the sub group Not Your Mothers Network Parenting Group. We, at The Geeked Out Nanny Agency thank you for all that you do to keep the group running and for all of the positive connections we have made by being a member of this awesome group.

The Westside Neighborhood Association Facebook Page was also a huge support platform for us. Community means a lot to us at the Studio and to know that your neighbors support your mission means success. Living in this neighborhood makes me feel confident that we are operating a residential childcare in a safe community. Have you visited the Westside of Lansing and taken note of the beauty? On the Westside we have a lot of dedicated volunteers that go beyond making our neighbors feel safe, but also by planting gorgeous flowers throughout the neighborhood. Thank you Westside Neighbors!

We know not everyone who is need of childcare is on social media, so we put our flyers at local businesses that have Community Boards that allow you to advertise your service or something you have for sell. Our flyer campaign was a huge success! We placed our flyers at Sir Pizza in Old Town Lansing, Bigby on Elmwood in Lansing, and Sunshine Laundromat & Cleaners in Frandor Shopping Center. We are so appreciative of these businesses' generous efforts to bring people together, all three businesses definitely have a community based feel to them.

In the month of August we averaged no less than 106 hours of actual childcare per week. We are grateful to be members of the food program, Association for Child Development. We served over 400 meals in the month of August, and without their reimbursement it wouldn't of been possible.

We are thankful for the parents who have entrusted their children with us and believe in our vision! From the bottom of our hearts we stand committed to be the most loved, most trusted, and most game changing childcare provider!

Thank you!





 Lansing ,MI