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Our 2018 Accomplishments And Our 2019 New Challenge: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! What a great year the Agency had. In 2018 we started the year off with a 90 Day Challenge. The Agency during the challenge was reminded of how important it is to have a village. Without out community members support we know the opening of Studio One would of had a whole lot of unwanted obstacles to deal with during the process and we are forever grateful for the tremendous amount of support we received, and are still continuing to receive today.

We did the numbers. Unbelievable!! Studio One opens it's door to their first family in May 2018 and we have surpassed all of our goals as a licensed childcare group home provider, and made it very close in regards to our nanny placement goals.

With the opening of Studio One, more inquiries were received about our childcare studio then for nanny placements. We feel it is due to the huge costs difference between having a nanny versus having an in home licensed provider. Also, being a newly opened childcare studio a lot of our time was spent actually operating the Studio. The average work week while working directly with children in our care was 95 hours a week! Say what?! Yes, 95 hours a week which made it difficult to accept nanny placements that came to us in a pinch. So, if your still looking for a nanny, now is the perfect time to do so. Our nanny placements help us to offer sliding scale tuition rates. We were able to offer six families sliding scale tuition fees this past year, what a difference it has made in these families lives!

So what are our new goals for 2019? We are thinking bigger, no doubt!

In keeping with our promise of providing high quality childcare we are seeking accreditation from the National Association for Family Childcare! We know that professional development, hard work, commitment, and passion go hand and hand. We know the children and families who attend our childcare studio would benefit greatly from us becoming accredited. We also feel that what we learn will also be very valuable to all the families that we work with whether it's nanny placements, or by providing substitute childcare specialist to other licensed childcare owners

We must complete 120 training hours within 6 months of applying for Accreditation. We have decided the best way to accomplish this is with an Online Child Development Associate Credential program (CDA) that provides the flexibility we will need while operating the Agency. It will also help prepare us for our Accreditation Self Study, and Accreditation Observation visit .

This is going to cost, but our tuition rate will not go up! There will be sacrifices made. We plan to do fundraising, as well as continue to connect families with their forever nannies. We are also in the works of marketing one of our new services, offering staffing coverage to licensed childcare owner.

We are beyond excited about how the Agency will be growing in knowledge this year!

Thank you all for one of the best years the Agency has had since it's existence! We look forward to your continued support and you can count us on to be the childcare provider you can trust and depend on. Happy New Year! #LetsGetIt

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