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A Must Have: The Childcare Agreement Contract (And a Freebie!)

Did you know that most nanny/family relationships do not end because the nanny did not provide quality care? It isn't common for nannies to be terminated because of not being reliable, or incompetent. Also, most families tend to treat their nannies with much respect. I know you probably heard some of the horror stories regarding nannies and families, but those stories don't accurately depict the majority of nanny/family relationships. So, why does a good thing go bad?

Unfortunately, there was no childcare agreement contract!

Often this is overlooked as both the family and nanny are not really concerned about the details in the beginning of the relationship, or they have known each other prior before entering a family/nanny relationship.

As the employer there are legal responsibilities that you must abide and as a nanny you want to feel secure in your new position, and to perform the job duties that you agreed to do. When we build anything that is not on a solid foundation it will eventually crumble. Even though having a nanny is the most intimate type of childcare provider there is, but a business relationship still exist. Having a childcare agreement will ensure that your nanny/family relationship will be a success.

What should be included in the childcare agreement contract? A childcare agreement contract should include, but not limited to.

  • Both parties full name, home address, telephone number, and email

  • Names and birth dates of the children who care will be provided for

  • Location and the schedule for childcare

  • When employment will begin

  • What the training or probation period shall be

  • Responsibilities

  • Wage/Salary

  • Payment Schedule

  • Benefits

  • Termination Policy

  • Any Additional Provisions

  • Modifications in Writing

  • All parents and childcare provider signatures/date

Don't have to time to make your own childcare agreement? Have no fear! We want your nanny/family relationship to succeed and have provided a template for you to just fill in the blanks.

Having a childcare contract agreement before your first day of the nanny/family work relationship is fostering positive communication. Taking the time to discuss the details and then putting them down on paper shows commitment, mutual respect, and professionalism.

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