• Tearri Rivers

FAQS: Staffing Coverage

Hello! Although we have not being able to consistently share updates here on the blog our work with the children has been nothing but full of focused energy. We definitely have some catching up to do. This past May our licensed in home childcare program Studio One celebrated it's 1st Anniversary. Woot! And yes, we are still on schedule for accreditation.

The Agency also expanded services to meet the staffing needs of our fellow licensed childcare owners by offering Substitute Childcare Specialist to help them with Staffing Coverage. Connecting with other likeminded childcare owners has been so inspiring to say the least.

We have been receiving some frequently asked questions in regards to our new Staffing Coverage service, so it seems only fitting to answer those questions publicly.

1. What is an Substitute Childcare Specialist? A Substitute Childcare Specialist is someone who has a strong desire to work with children in a small or large group setting, understands developmentally appropriate practices, assists in creating an educational and nurturing environment for children to thrive in. Has background knowledge in child development.

2. What qualifications does Substitute Childcare Specialist possess? Substitute Childcare Specialist meet all State Childcare Licensing Requirements to be a childcare assistant in a licensed childcare setting. They must submit the following before being assigned a job;

a). Pass a comprehensive background check done through Childcare Background Bureau that will deem them eligible to work with children in a licensed childcare setting.

b). Complete a Medical Clearance Form, which includes passing a TB Test

c). Be certified in First Aid/CPR , and Blood Pathogen.

d). Commit to at least 10 hours of child development training per year.

e).Must complete Safe Sleep (SIDS) and Shaken Baby Syndrome training prior to working with children.

3. How much does it costs to sign up for this service? Signing up for this service is absolutely free!

4. How do I get this service started? You can email at thegeekedoutnannyagency@gmail,com, or call us at (517) 708-0332 to set up a face to face meeting.

5. What happens at the face to face meeting? We go over your staffing needs and discuss your specific budget (what you are able to pay for the hourly rate). This meeting is no pressure, but yet it is detailed enough that if you need this service right away you will have all the information you need to get a substitute childcare specialist to your childcare program the next day. If you decide to sign up you will receive a substitute quick staffing start up guide that shares an overview of how to handle staff emergencies when you need a substitute.

6. Can I check their references? No. Substitutes are already vetted before coming to your place of business. Their references were checked and credentials are verified. Our years of experience working in the early education field in many capacities gives us an advantage. We know the qualities that a childcare professional should possess. Our hiring process is detailed and all candidates must complete work trials to demonstrate their skills and suitability for the position.

7. How do I know the Substitute has the proper documentation to work at a Licensed Childcare Center or Group Home? All Substitute Childcare Specialist arrive on job site with State Issued Identification and a Documentation Folder. Inside the folder contains all of their documents that must be completed before any childcare assistant can work with children at your business. We have done all of the necessary work for you and make sure that when your requesting a substitute you remain in compliance with State Childcare Licensing Rules. At our face to face meeting you will be able to see an example of the Documentation Folder firsthand.

8. Where do you find your Substitutes at? We are constantly recruiting for substitutes, and many have found us. We only work with childcare professionals that are aligned with our core values. We live by these values, as such we attract people who reflect our beliefs.

9. Do I need to train them? During our work trials substitutes that are unclear about any licensing rules are shown these rules and are given opportunities to apply their knowledge. All substitutes have a basic understanding of Center and Home rules. It is highly recommended that you give them a quick overview of the classroom they will be working in, and introduce them to who they should address questions to about taking care of the children's immediate needs (e.g. children's names when they need reminders). We have a section in our Quick Start Up Staffing Guide dedicated to "How to Welcome Your Substitute Childcare Specialists". Our substitutes are knowledgeable about the various types of childcare programs such as Play Based, Montessori, and Traditional.

10. How many hours or days can I request a Substitute? We ask that when requesting a substitute it should be for a work period that is no less than 4 hours and not more than 8 hours in a day. You may request more than one substitute at a time. We also accept advance requests that may be for covering planned staff absences. If you are in need of a substitute while your searching for someone to fill a permanent position we can discuss this at our face to face meeting.

11. What area of Michigan are you offering this service to? Right now we are able to offer staffing coverage in Ingham, and Eaton County. This is a new service and we want to make sure that we are delivering impeccable staffing coverage to those close to home base before branching out. We see expanding our service areas after Studio One completes the accreditation process in the next three months.

As an experienced licensed childcare owner we understand the time and importance it takes to have proper staffing coverage and qualified staff. When you work with us we help you to redeem your time and focus on all of your goals you have for your childcare program. May your vision come to light! #TeamChildcare





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