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4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Babysitter

Looking for a babysitter does not have to be an overwhelming experience. Knowing the right things to consider when hiring a babysitter helps tremendously with answering the what if's when those questions pop up. We work with a lot of babysitters and couldn't help but to take notice that our professional babysitters all share four things that make them such an outstanding, creative and full of energy team to work with.

1. Knowledge

Having a knowledge of child development is a must for someone to have that your leaving your child with no matter what age your child is. A babysitter who has attended classes or training in child development will be able to know what is developmentally appropriate with regards to feeding, disciplining, and providing safe boundaries with the children in their care. This is necessary knowledge to have in order to promote a healthy and respectable relationship between babysitter and child.

2. Professionalism

Someone your inviting into your home must understand the privacy it involves. Maturity speaks volumes when hiring a babysitter. You will want the babysitter to feel comfortable, but yet attentive to your child's needs. Clearly writing expectations down for your babysitter will help your babysitter to fulfill their duties. Hiring a professional babysitter, means that you don't have to have conversations about being tardy, how to appropriately dress for the job, and will help you to avoid social media issues. Simply put a babysitter should be someone that is of good moral character.

3. Commitment

It is best to ask the babysitter before hiring what their commitment level is to the position you are offering. Sometimes a babysitter you may be wanting to hire is in between a job and is need of making money to meet their needs until they have secured another job. There is nothing wrong with this if your looking for an occasional babysitter, but if you are need of a babysitter consistently make sure you know right up front how long they are willing to work as your babysitter. Make sure to ask them what their goals and future plans are. Most likely you would rather have someone who has a strong interest in pursuing a career in early education, versus someone who has taken on babysitting jobs to earn extra money.

4. Work Experience

A babysitter who has prior work experience will help you be able to conduct reference checks (without prior work experience you will not be able to ask for references), also it can help you decide if the babysitter is suitable for your position. It is important that a babysitter has worked with various of ages of children and has been able to determine which age group of children they work best with. A babysitter with work experience has also acquired valuable skills that professional babysitters should have such as; working with various family backgrounds, knows the importance of being certified in CPR/FirstAid/BloodPathogen, and can effectively communicate with parents about the child's day and developmental milestones.

Hiring a babysitter does take time and effort, but every bit of effort is so worth it to ensure that all parties involved are on the same page regarding the work relationship. Knowing that your babysitter has background knowledge in child development, is professional, committed, and possesses a work related history can greatly improve your chances for finding a babysitter that is a perfect match for your family.

Pro Tip: Always perform a background check on candidate so that you are making an informed decision before allowing a babysitter into your home.

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