• Tearri Rivers

How To Greet a Visitor, Or a Guest: Tea Time

The children have really taken to the practical life lessons. They have mastered pouring and are practicing daily with greetings and introductions.

We mostly do tours when the children are not present, but occasionally tours have happen when the children were in attendance. The tours have brought us new ways on how to greet visitors or a guest.

The children lately have been having quite a few tea parties, so I thought it would be perfect to present the lesson on how to greet a visitor and offer them tea, or water .

Our Tea Tray has everything you need to prepare a cup of tea should the visitor or guest accept the offering. It is child sized, which makes it perfect for them to be able to do this activity independently.

As a small group I presented the activity step by step.

Confidently pouring hot water into the cup! There was plenty of pouring practice before this activity was presented to them.

" Is this where I put the tea bag? ", one child asked.

Role playing our greetings and introductions.

The visitor said "yes" that he would like some tea and expresses gratitude!

They are so hoping for a visitor now. :) This was a great activity for them to see how they have mastered some skills, and learn a new way to properly greet a visitor all while doing something they are interested in doing. Tea Parties Rock!





 Lansing ,MI