• Tearri Rivers

A Peek at Our Interest Centers : Family Childcare Style

Setting up our environment is a labor of love of mine. A lot of time is spent in the space making sure it is meeting the needs of all of the children who are enrolled in our childcare programs at Studio One. The children and I have changed the layout of the space more times than I can count. I am happy to announce that we have found the perfect set up that has been working for the last couple of months and that is the longest anything has stayed in the same place.

We are entering a period where the children are ending and beginning and extending certain interest, which made it a good time to share some photos of our Interest Centers.

We have three environment spaces. One room is medium sized and this is where the Interest Centers are that have mostly table top hands on activities.

From the entry hallway is where our literacy, math, science and art interest centers are located.

Literacy Interest Center

Math Interest Center

Our Drying Rack. An additional table where I place provocations and our Art Interest Center.

Our Easel and Paint Cart.

Science Interest Center

The larger room that also has a smaller room connected to it, has the interest centers that take quite a bit of space to play with the materials and it allows us to be free to move around.

Block Interest Center

Technology Interest Center. This center is located across from the Block Interest Center.

Dramatic Play Interest Area. I took this picture before it was fully set up for the next day. Our Make and Play Interest Center is located across for the Dramatic Play Interest Center.

Our small room which is an extension of the largest room is perfect for wanting to be alone, read a book, or engage in a sensory activity.

Our Library

Sensory Table

Our Peace Corner

Now that we have the perfect set up I am excited to see how our space will evolve as we complete the Self Study of The Accreditation Process. Did I mention the 120 Professional Training Hours that is required for Accreditation process has been completed?! On October 19th we had our CDA Observation Visit, and I am now a Holder of a CDA for Family Childcare!! I sure wish there were before and after pictures of our space to illustrate how much the CDA training helped to create a space for all the children in our programs. Right now we currently have children enrolled from ages 2 -8 years old

Our space is just the right size, set up and it truly represents the children who attend Studio One well. I love it and I hope you enjoyed the tour of our Interest Centers.

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