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Signs Up! (Drop-In Program): Our Weekly Project's Theme "The Forest"

In attempts to bring more awareness to our Drop In Program. We thought it would be a wonderful idea to share here on Mondays what our weekly theme is. Our theme of the week is part of our curricula that we use from Mother Goose Time. Many of our projects are also inspired by the children themselves that attend our full day childcare program.

This week's projects at the Studio are all about The Forest. If your little one or big kid loves all things Forest, then this would be a great week to take advantage of our Drop In Program.

We have open ended activities available on tables in different areas.

On this table we have loose parts available, so that the child can create their own Forest.

This activity was a big hit today! The children loved making animal tracks in the play doh with the large forest animals.

We also do a creative arts project everyday using various materials to inspire individual creativity, including on the weekends. Today's project was Designing a Bear's Den. As a Member of the Drop In Program you will know what the projects are for the specific days in hopes that you will be able to schedule your drop in day based on the interest of your child, which sometimes could make all the difference in the world when visiting the studio irregularly.

We're very excited about our week ahead at the Studio, and looking forward to making new friends!





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