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Bb is for Bear's Den: A Project Highlight

Updated: Apr 4

Our preschool curriculum, Experience Early Learning provides lesson plan ideas for Weekly STEAM STATIONS to be placed in different Interest Centers. This week's STEAM STATION for "Forest Animals" week included lesson plans for designing a Bear's Den in the Dramatic Play Area. Due to floor space, I modified the lesson instead of using the suggested materials of boxes, pillows, and blankets I provided them with materials to be able to be used at a table.

What I love most about our preschool curriculum is how adaptive it can be to meet the children's needs and our program goals. The STEAM STATION lesson plans include suggested materials, and Big Questions to ask. The Big Questions have been been a wonderful way to support me as a guide to the children with their discoveries on new topics.

The STEAM STATION is set up so that two friends can be playing together at the same time.

Before actually setting up our B is for Bear's Den STEAM STATION we had meaningful conversations about the difference between teddy bears and real bears, read factual books about bears, and played with miniature replicas of real bears while making tracks in Play-Doh. We also did a large group creative arts project that is included in the day's lesson plan for the topic "Bear" from our preschool curriculum.

Our preschool curriculum, Experience Early Learning Creative Corner projects comes with supplies to complete the lessons. For this Creative Corner project it included an Inspiration Photo of a real bear in it's natural setting and also the smaller photo that is on the board at the STEAM STATION, a Title Header, and an Information card about bears and what the children are learning and doing while participating in the Creative Corner project. I use these supplies in a number of ways. For each child bowls and photos of bears were included to complete the project.

Coloring their Dens.

Some children chose to keep the pictures of the bears together and others chose to cut them apart. The photos of the bears are of real bears. Our preschool curriculum does a wonderful job at keeping learning authentic.

The lesson plans are always about the process for the children from start to finish. I am pleased to announce that peeling glue off of your fingers is still a treasured time. I love it!

A Bear's Den.

There are also small group literacy lesson plans to go along with the topic of "Bears" and the letter Bb was introduced in the lesson of the day. I incorporated the literacy lesson into our STEAM STATION. By day two children were requesting the B is for Bear's Den STEAM STATION, by the phonetic sound that Bb makes. At the Studio we introduce letters by sounds not by name. They were also recognizing the letter Bb in our environment as the week progressed.

Through play at the B is for Bear's Den STEAM STATION the children begin understanding that bear's hibernate.

And how to create a habitat for a bear.

Our Creative Corner projects are referred to by the children as their "Big Work", and sometimes they will describe what they are doing the best way that they can. I love that Experience Early Learning preschool curriculum includes daily notes about the Creative Corner lessons to send home with each child's project work. It helps to make a true home to Studio connection for us.

Our B is for Bear's Den STEAM STATION no doubt will continue onto next week after observing the children I certainly see the need to add boxes as suggested. I will be placing them in our block area on Monday, as well as exchanging some materials out at the STEAM STATION. I am so excited to see what new Big Questions they will have and how they discover the answers to them. Where will all of these discoveries lead us too?! So much playful learning going on!

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