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Today's Forecast.... Delightful Learning!

We're in Michigan and in Pure Michigan fashion the snow not being on the ground during the Winter months is not really surprising, but the kids are wondering how is it Winter and there is no snow. Our monthly preschool curriculum theme is "Winter in the Woods" and all the conversations, playful learning and research of forest animals, animals that hibernate in the winter, and animals that are nocturnal has definitely help lead us into deeper discussions about the weather, specifically snow.

With help of the lesson plans and included materials from Experience Early Learning, I was able to set up activities for the children of various ages that will be attending the Studio next week. Next week will be quite a different week as we will be closed for two days during the week. Having the lesson plans as a source of inspiration and materials included makes for us to still be able to still give the children engaging activities and a schedule that they can count on during irregular weeks of attending the Studio.

Children will have the opportunity to paint a Snowstorm painting that is part of our developing weather station reference table. this is an individual work and another child may seat next to the Snowstorm Painting work while learning more about different weather symbols in the form of a puzzle.

On our Science/Nature Shelves we have a snowstorm experiment too.

The Inspiration photo, Title Display, blue/white/black paper, and bubble wrap was included with this Creative Corner lesson from our preschool curriculum.

Experience Early Learning's preschool curriculum is a perfect match for children who enjoy STEAM activities. Design a Sled is an open ended project that I am sure the children will delight in. They may also use markers, paint, etc to decorate their sleds.

Supplied materials were the paper tray, twine, Inspiration Photo, and Title Display.

My Snowman Story is a Small Group Literacy Activity that focus is on sequencing.

To include all ages I have made this an independent or teacher/child activity to focus on oral communication and creative writing. I work with children who enjoy telling a good story while being recorded, some who prefer to dictate their story while I write it down, and many who can author a book with plenty pages to read. I am so excited to hear, or read their snowman stories!

The gorgeous Snowman Sequence Cards were also provided with the "My Snowman Story" Small Group Literacy lesson.

As a Family Childcare Educator I can't recommend Experience Early Learning's preschool curriculum enough. The lessons and tools provided give me the support I need to ensure I am accommodating to all children who attend the family childcare home.

As an Experience Early Learning Blogger, I receive the Experience Early Learning Preschool curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic experiences. As always, my opinions are 100% my own. #preschool #familychildcare #mgtblogger

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