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Lesson Planning for Large and Small Group Activities

Updated: Apr 4

Since October of 2019, we have been using Experience Early Learning's toddler curriculum, which has been a game changer for us. Now we all can be easily learning about interesting themes together based on researched developmentally appropriate practices.

At the Studio we want the children to be learning in an environment that promotes natural learning and we also want them to not have any pressures of "preschool", or being rushed to prepare for school. Using both the toddler and preschool program together gives us just the amount of structure that is needed in our multi age group setting to encourage them to research and discover their own ideas.

Experience Early Learning"s preschool curriculum lessons for large and small group activities are already planned out for me, I just need to open the box.

The Teacher's Tool Bag is the first bag that I open to begin lesson planning for the week. It has the four lesson plan guides for the month inside the bag, as well as other resources for the teacher.

Once I have read through the Lesson Plan Guide for the week and gathered the needed supplies I then record the lesson activities into my Lesson Plan book.

I mainly write the lesson plans in my book so that I have all the lessons in one place to refer to. I also like referring to my lesson plan book to quickly see if a child may not have been present for an specific activity.

The Lesson Plan Guides have beautiful pictures throughout the book and printed on high quality material too, so I don't even want to write in the Guide.

Once I am done recording the lessons into my lesson plan book I prep for the next day's large/small group activities. Lesson Prepping with Experience Early Learning is super easy for me. Each Lesson Day is numbered and individually bagged. The picture above is of Day of 1 of our monthly theme for January, which is Baby Animals. In this bag are the monthly family newsletters, daily project update sheets for home to child care connection, a music cd, and both the large/small group activity materials supplied for Day 1.

I place all materials for small /large group activities in a basket before the next day. This helps me to be prepared and have all the materials we need accessible. The materials shown in the basket came with either the toddler or preschool curriculum from Experience Early Learning for the day, with the exception of the pigs. The pigs were included in October's curriculum, but the kids still love them and we are counting the piglets with our small group math game instead of using play doh as suggested.

A Daily Activity Calendar is also included in the Teacher's Tool Bag. I use this resource for the parents to see what is going on for the day or an overview for the month and place it on our Weekly Lesson Plan's Board. The Toddler's Large/Small Group lesson plans are changed weekly and this helps to bring special attention to the board throughout the month. Parents appreciate being able to glance at the board to see what activities the kids will be participating in and it's also been helpful for them to know what we are actually doing in the moment .

I enjoy lesson planning for my large and small group activities with Experience Early Learning. It gives me the freedom to have more time being creative with the plans then actually planning and when we are talking multi age we need more creativity than plans. Agree?

As an Experience Early Learning Blogger, I receive the Experience Early Learning Preschool curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic experiences. As always, my opinions are 100% my own. #preschool #familychildcare #mgtblogge

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