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What Did We Do Today? Daily Reports With Experience Early Learning

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

This past week we welcomed three new children into our childcare program. With that being said, it was also a week of transitioning for our new friends and learning how to make new friends for all.

We are still on the road to becoming/being an accredited program. Over the past month we have been trying various ways to fully meet Benchmark Standard 1.14 (Relationships) The provider keeps parents informed about how their children are spending their time in care. This happens daily for infants and toddlers and at least weekly for older children.

One way we always have and will continue to do so is to engage in meaningful conversations with parents about their children daily when they pick them up. Unfortunately, due to schedules this is not something that I documented was being fully met with every family everyday. I then created a Facebook Group that just involved families that attend Studio One. Our Facebook Group has certainly proven to be a great platform for building relationships among the families, keeping the families informed about changes in licensing rules, sharing articles of interest regarding to child development, notifying of program updates/reminders, and sharing behind the scenes photos of what we are learning or what is to come. The Facebook Group is a great way to stay connected to the families. However, it did not take long to discover that we still have a few families enrolled in the childcare that do not use Facebook.

In order to fully meet this standard once again I was reminded of why we use Experience Early Learning's preschool curriculum at Studio One.

During my CDA training Experience Early Learning was an obvious choice when deciding what curriculum to offer in a group family childcare setting. The preschool curriculum offers developmentally appropriate practice, and teacher support/tools. This is huge, because as a childcare provider you wear many hats and the more support you can receive from the curriculum developer the more successful you will be implementing the curriculum.

But, I still had questions along the way as I begin to actually use all of the support/resources that is included in the preschool curriculum as suggested. I called Experience Early Learning and requested the Research Foundation book. This book explains the research behind the curriculum, and breaks down the domains of learning that are covered in the curriculum.

After reading the book it became very clear to me that this curriculum is very fitting for the children who attend the childcare, and just like we must trust the child I could now trust our preschool curriculum from Experience Early Learning. Not only does their preschool curriculum offer developmentally appropriate practices/activities and the materials for each child to do an activity project, but it also gives you what you need to meet many accreditation standards! Especially, the standards that fall under Relationships. And isn't relationships the in all and be all of family childcare?!

I reviewed the resources and had a light bulb moment. Each day's lessons includes a Topic Poster. The first lesson material bag of the week includes Daily Notes to send home about the Creative Corner projects, and our Make and Play projects come with an illustration of the project. Using these resources/tools can allow us to meet the standard by placing them on a Daily Board located in the hallway for all to see and can be quickly updated thanks to Experience Early Learning. I am looking forward to seeing how this Daily Board evolves, it is a great start and helps us to fully meet the standards. Yay! We do have some parents that prefer information to go home digitally if possible and this set up really helps to accommodate all of the parents to ensure that they are in the loop on how their child is spending their time at the studio.

I strongly believe that daily verbal communications on the phone, or face to face is the best way to share with parents about their child's day. I am happy that with the support of our preschool curriculum from Experience Early Learning that we are able to improve on our modes of communication with the parents.

As an Experience Early Learning Blogger, I receive the Experience Early Learning Preschool curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic experiences. As always, my opinions are 100% my own. #preschool #familychildcare #mgtblogger

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