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Take Home Bag Program (ReLaunch)

Updated: Apr 4

I am really looking forward to restarting back our Take Home Bag Program for 2-5 years old who do not attend school. I tried to do our Take Home Bag Program before, but it was rather difficult to keep the rotation going with materials that would be needed to make the activities an inviting experience for both the parents and the children. Our curriculum has definitely been a game changer for us. Experience Early Learning provides all the materials for each lesson. Only basic supplies are mostly required for the teacher to do each lesson. Since we are humans we don't always complete each lesson provided in our Experience Preschool curriculum, or each week's of lessons that come with our Experience Toddler curriculum. When I was organizing the lesson bags we did not do about a month ago I had a light bulb moment. Why don't I use these lessons and prep them into Take Home Bags?!

And let's see if we can creatively fully meet a standard one way while re launching the Take Home Bag program. We can!

NAFCC Accreditation Benchmark - Relationships (Family and Community Engagement): 1.27 The provider offers a variety of ways for parents to be involved in the child care program. Consideration is given to the parents’ interests, culture, and time availability. Although involvement is encouraged, it is never required.

Experience Early Learning provides a number of materials each month to ensure that parents are in the know of what is happening in the classroom. The parents look forward to the monthly newsletters, and daily notes included in Experience Preschool, and the weekly newsletter/lesson plan provided to the parents with our Experience Toddler curriculum.

I really like that I have activities available to send home that we are currently learning about. This past week the preschooler's learned about characters in nursery rhymes.

Lesson 10 Old King Cole of February's theme Nursery Rhymes was a day we did not get to do. All of the materials pictured above were provided by Experience Early Learning. The consumables (craft) are also provided for each child.

I was able to put together two different Take Home Bags just from Lesson 10 Old King Cole. Bag 1- I laminated the topic poster, and the Make & Play card. Placed the basic supplies needed in a smaller baggie that also has the jewels needed to decorate the crown. Bag 2- I added our Nursery Rhymes book, laminated the Picture Story Guide, and numbered the puzzle pieces.

On all of the bags I put a label on the inside that names the activity, gives a quick overview of the activity, list of the contents, and what contents to return.

Materials from our Mary Had a Little Lamb week with Experience Toddler.

The toddlers love creating with stickers! Aren't these the cutest stickers ever ?!

These are materials from our week of Hickory Dickory Dock with Experience Toddler.

I am also liking the fact that the parents will get a chance to see our curriculum, Experience Early Learning in action. Reading about it is great, but seeing it firsthand is a totally different experience.

Each child also has a Take Home Bag Journal for the parent to write any reflections they may have about the activity. There is also space to share about the child's latest interests they have shown at home. I have my handy binder to help me stay organized about the activities in the bags and who took which take home bag home.

One bag a day for every four families, Monday- Thursday is how the Take Home Bag Program is designed. Here are the Take Home Bags, all ready to go home. I am so excited!

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