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Kids in the Kitchen: Pat-a-Cake

Updated: Apr 4

This week the children and I took the nursery rhyme Pat-a-Cake to another level. We started exploring the first letter of our names as well as the core concept letters of the month Aa, Gg, Qq as a Community Challenge while inserting the first letter of our names while listening to and singing the nursery rhyme Pat-a-Cake.

The lessons for our Community Challenges, and other materials that are used throughout the month like our name tags, and the core concept letter cards of the month that was used in our Pat-a-Cake Community Challenge are provided by Experience Early Learning. Pat-a-Cake is a great song to teach the first letter of a child's name, and the rhythm pattern seems like they can easily follow it.

For our morning large group story time I read the book Who Made This Cake? written by Chihiro Nakagawa. This is a brilliant picture book that grabs your attention from the first page. A guy at a construction site takes a cake order over the phone. Then the next thing you know a hundred people are building a cake at a construction site, helicopters fly in and the story is told in a way that tells you the steps to make a cake.

After reading the book we used the sequence cards provided for our literacy lessons to extend our conversations about the book, and to talk about the steps to make a cake.

And then we decided it was a good day to bake some cupcakes.

There was a blank sequence card included that I wasn't sure what it was for. Then this happened! They licked their spoons and bowls. Ha! We did add that card in.

The next day we made Puffy Paint Cupcakes. The children eyes were glued to the picture of the cupcake when they entered the room. Experience Preschool Curriculum comes with everything, but the basic supplies to complete the Creative Corner activities. Puffy Paint Cupcake process art activity came with the title card, the picture of the cupcake, cupcake liners, confetti and the yellow paper. I just needed to provide bowls, spoons, shaving cream and glue.

We mixed our shaving cream and glue together in our bowls to make the batter. Glued our cupcake liners to the paper, filled our cupcake liners up to our liking and then we decorated our Puffy Paint Cupcakes with the confetti. Super cool! They made a lot of them.

A suggested STEAM STATION for the week of "Food Rhymes" was to set up materials for play dough cupcakes. We have play dough out as a self selected activity daily. So, to add interest in play dough cupcake making I just switched out the play dough colors and accessories.

Experience Early Learning Play dough STEAM STATION inspires so much creativity. Of course we want to repeat this activity again and again, which increases the chances to reap all those good benefits that playing with play dough gives us.

We enjoyed playing a game called Community Cake. The goal was to decorate the cake together using foam hearts. We also played a game similar to musical chairs and bingo. We placed numbered cards in a circle and then while we listened to Pat-a-Cake on CD we walked around the circle, and when the music paused you get to place a heart on the cake if you are by the number that was called out.

They also have been baking cupcakes and other desserts in the Dramatic Play area too.

Experience Early Learning made it really easy for me to keep up with the children's interests in baking cupcakes. Having the lesson plan ideas and activities made Pat-a-Cake such a great nursery rhyme that can help the child easily identify their prior knowledge and to recognize when that knowledge has been expanded. It is a very exciting thing to see their confidence soar.

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