• Tearri Rivers

The Potty Training Contract: Partnering With Your Childcare Provider for Potty Training Success

Potty training is a big deal! It should be discussed in detail before attempting to potty train another parent's child, and definitely a face to face meeting should be done before a parent announces while dropping their child off that they are working on potty training and please take their child to the potty starting today.

Hopefully, consideration has already been given that the child shows readiness for potty training. This can be observed by the parents and the childcare provider, however these signs do not all have to be agreed upon by all involved. The importance of having a potty training discussion is to have everyone on the same page knowing how it will be done, and this should be agreed upon in writing.

Now enter ...The Potty Training Contract! I know it sounds like way over the top when I say The Potty Training Contact, but bare with me for a moment. I am not saying sign your lives over or add any money to tuition cost. I am saying put your agreement in writing, because things can become a bit crazy during the process and if you have a Potty Training Contract in place it will definitely make things smoother for all the adults involved. Potty training another child not related to you in a childcare setting is very different then potty training your child at home and this needs to be addressed to successfully potty train a child that attends childcare.

The Potty Training Contact should include

  • The date that potty training will begin under the childcare provider's care.

  • What are the child's potty training goals ?

  • What vocabulary is being used ?

  • How will the attempts and successes regarding potty time be recorded?

  • Will any rewards be offered?

  • When will they transition to underwear?

  • What happens if they have an accident?'

  • How will communication happen about potty training efforts at home and at childcare?

In my early years as a childcare provider the parent and I would always discuss how giving a child a consequence would never happen should they have an accident. We also had an agreement that I would now take the child to the bathroom and help potty train. I neglected to do potty contracts, I didn't know better! Boy, I sure wished I had though. It would of probably saved me many days of explaining how potty training in a childcare setting or by another provider is very different from how the parents may do it by themselves. We definitely should of included goals in our discussions about potty training!

I also wouldn't want a parent or childcare provider to ever be in the same boat as I was then. So, I made available a template of the Potty Training Contract Worksheet that I use. You can find the template in our Resource Library. There is also a sample Potty Training Contract to use as your Guide.

How I Use The Potty Training Contract Template

I just print the template as is and then hand write as we make agreements, and responses during our meeting. I then summarize what I wrote aloud and we go over it again, which helps to make sure everyone understands what we are agreeing upon. We agree within a couple days to look over Final Copy of the Potty Training Contract, which I included as a Sample Guide in the Resource Library. Parents take it home and bring it back the day they are ready for the potty training to begin.

Sometimes, it takes a day or two for me to return the Final Copy of the Potty Training Contract because I am getting ready, if potty training was initiated by parent. I now always have the template printed and ready to go, especially if time is on our side to meet that same day.

If your a provider, it is inevitable that potty training is coming your way. It is of great importance that you are straightforward with your capabilities and potty training style, so that the child is free to do do their thing while we all watch in amazement of their natural abilities.

Parents make this available to your childcare provider, nanny or babysitter to make sure those invaluable persons are understanding of your desires and your child's needs so that they can help provide a flawless potty training journey for your little one.

Pop over to our Resource Library to download the Potty Training Contract Worksheet and Guide to be prepared for when it's potty time.





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