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Yoga at Childcare: Social Emotional Learning

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

As a early childcare educator I do feel that my role is to foster social emotional intelligence and to promote academic learning. Social emotional learning goals are embedded in our lessons, and in our environment on a daily basis. Although, I have shared mostly activities that enrich the children cognitively on this blog, however our priority is to focus on social emotional learning first when working with children.

When I learned that Experience Early Learning was also providing a curriculum specifically for toddlers/older toddlers, Experience Toddler I did not know much about the components that were included. I was already using the preschool curriculum, Experience Preschool. Each month a character trait is introduced by Experience Early Learning Storybook Characters. I did know that these character traits were a part of a weekly theme in the toddler curriculum and I liked that idea a lot. These stories encourage discussions to foster social emotional learning. I had no idea that the Experience Toddler curriculum also included a Themed Yoga Pose for the month.

We started introducing the Monthly Yoga Pose as a large group activity back in October. We have have been doing our yoga together only as a group activity, until recently a child started requesting to do the yoga poses on their own.

To accomodate we rearranged and updated our Peace Corner to make yoga accessible for the children whenever they wanted to do yoga.

We really appreciate the size of the illustration of the Yoga Pose Cards that we have collected over the months. There is a new yoga pose introduced each month. I always wanted to integrate yoga into our daily routine, but really did not feel confident to "teach" it. Experience Early Learning curriculum for preschool and toddlers are really complementary to each other and gives our program a homeschool family feel.

On the day of sharing the updated peace corner that now included yoga as an independent activity I also introduced our March Yoga Pose.

Experience Preschool theme for March is Pond Life. Ribbit!

The yoga cards are placed in our peace cart for the children to freely access should they choose to spend time doing yoga. The benefits from practicing yoga are huge and we are fortunate that Experience Early Learning recognizes these awesome benefits and includes it in our curriculum so that children can get these benefits also in a childcare setting.

As an Experience Early Learning Blogger, I receive the Experience Early Learning Preschool curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic experiences. As always, my opinions are 100% my own. #preschool #familychildcare #EELblogger

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