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Learning About Snakes Through Process Art

Updated: Apr 4

Lacing beads and scissor practice are activities that I feel should be offered daily to preschool children. Our recent lesson learning about snakes gave the children the opportunity to combine both activities together.

Lesson 2 of our monthly theme" Pond Life" topic was about Snakes. All of the day's lessons ideas about snakes came from Experience Early Learning's preschool curriculum for March 2020. We played the game I Spy a Black Snake during large group time. During the game we talked about what colors and designs that we might see on snakes. Our color of the month is black so we also used our monthly Color Wand to find a black piece of food (paper).

Together we lined up all of the color scraps to make a long snake. We also did a picture walk using the book Slither, Snake.

During small group time we took a closer look at a Water Snake using the Inspiration Photo included in our preschool curriculum lesson materials bag.

The supplies for our Creative Corner project were basic. But, what these materials provided for the children were amazement and they were captivated by the fact that they could make a snake with materials any way that they would like to.

Our lessons provided by Experience Early Learning comes with suggestions, prompts, and observation questions. The prompts in our Snake process art activity definitely encouraged the children to engage with the materials.

Tinkering with the different "stringing" materials.

Making decisions! Should I make my own beads, or use these?

Watching the kids so engaged in this activity was a great reminder to me how it is really important to involve the children in the process of their work as much as possible.

Although, a string and beads are available to the children as an open ended activity and scissors are available on the art shelf it is not enough. It's all about the process and leading them to making connections with the materials and how they would like/need to manipulate them for their best understanding. When we do our process based activities I am sure to make documentation, and take photos and I am able to, because I am not directly involved in their creative process. Experience Early Learning's process art lessons not only keeps the children's interest and engagement, but it also provides the teacher a new way to present a skill, or combine previous skills taught to create a culminating project.

In the topic lesson bag for Snake there were also support materials provided to use for documentation. Very helpful as I like to share the children's learning experiences with the parents as soon as I can.

I count on these documentation notes for our process art activities. There is so much playful learning going on and parents love to read all about it and then those beads on a pipe cleaner/ string, or small cut up pieces of straw that they line up on their own at home is really a lot of hard work and it is indeed a snake.

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