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3 Things Early Childhood Educators Must do Today to Stop Police Brutality

I have a heavy heart due to the murder of brother George Floyd, and many more sisters and brothers that have become victims of police brutality. It is my hope and prayer that through the work that I am able to do at the Studio with the children and families that it will help the fight in eradicating police brutality and the deadly sin of racism.

As a Black Early Childhood Educator I take my role immensely seriously. I shared my Professional Philosophy Statement, because I strongly believe in transparency. After all, I am the one that offers direct instruction to the children at Studio One.

It‘s time for all Early Childhood Educators to show their transparency. What is your role in educating Black Children? Have you faced your own biases, and reflected on how your biases have played a role in your classroom? What is your approach when a parent uses a stereotype?

First off, if you answered you never encountered any of the above? Please retire.

For all Early Childhood Educators that see an obvious need to end police brutality here are three things you must do today!

1. Stop institutionalization racism by using a curriculum that allows Black Children to show up.

If you have read previous postings on the blog about our curriculum, Experience Early Learning then you know I rave about the curriculum all the time. Here’s why....

The curricula is intentional in every way to allow Black Children to show up. All children feel a sense of belonginess when they see pictures of themselves. Self concept is huge and the beginning of all learning. 1.1

But I would be oblivious to be unaware that Early Childhood Educators don’t already know this. So why are early childhood educators not using a curriculum that allows Black Children to show up? The most obvious answer is, institutionalized racism. You no longer have to use a curriculum that deliberately leaves out images and stories so Black Children do not show up, a new curriculum has been created. Stop!

2. Become Uncomfortable. Get Diversity Training! 

If your not having meaningful conversations in the classroom about social relationships, diversity, etc then you are part of the problem. Experience Early Learning weaves these concepts in effortlessly through daily lessons.

In October one of the books that came with the month’s curriculum was “ Old MacDonald Had a Farm” by Leslie Falconer and Chris Lench. The story told how not just farm animals belonged on the farm, but that all animals belonged on the farm. Yes, there were different animals included in the story that we normally do not see on a farm, especially not the same animals that we have always known to be on Old MacDonald’s Farm. The song was also different but similar, and the rendition was well done. We had plenty discussions about similarities and differences while engaging in activities, reading and singing along with the book.

What your teaching the children you are also teaching the parents too. Are you accepting their stereotypical views of Black People and not providing factual information?

If your not engaging children with these concepts then you are in fact avoiding very important meaningful discussions to take place, making you a contributor to police brutality.

3. Recruit!

Early childhood programs love to scream that they are ”High Quality”, but all of the children who are enrolled in the program look alike. By default you are not a high quality early childhood program if all of the children look the same in your classroom. Do your due diligence and recruit. Legitimately earn the title.

Until all my little brothers and sister have a seat in all preschool classrooms or of those who scream “High quality” there will be more deaths in the name of police brutality and racism. Early Childhood Educators it really does start with us! Self Concept 1.1

Experience Early Learning is a curriculum that you can start right now. The curriculum comes with monthly lesson guides, daily lesson materials for every child, teacher tools and resources. It is a Researched Based Curriculum that offers assessments and monitoring as well. Experience Early Learning offers curriculums from infancy to school aged.

Rest in Peace brother George Floyd may your life and last words never be forgotten!

As an Experience Early Learning Blogger, I receive the Experience Early Learning Preschool curriculum in exchange for honest and authentic experiences. As always, my opinions are 100% my own. #preschool #familychildcare #EELblogger

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