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Backyard Learning: Anthills

The kiddos have become more interested in learning about bugs and crawly things while observing them in their natural habitat, the backyard. I have been able to use some lessons from our preschool curriculum, Experience Early Learning to go along with this specific interest at hand.

Our playground is mostly filled with wood chips and the children enjoy finding sticks throughout them and they love using the sticks to dig. They also spread them to play in

the dirt and then more discoveries take place.

The latest backyard discovery interest has been all about Anthills! They have been digging away, observing ants in their work, and asking many questions. In the sandbox many anthills have been recreated by them.

After watching them in their play I put together the Anthill lesson materials that came with our Bugs and Crawly Things monthly theme from Experience Early Learning.

The materials provided by Experience Early Learning for each child was a paper cone, sand and construction paper for this process art lesson. We talked about the shape of the paper cone. They definitely loved learning that new word, after this experience they began to use the word hill and cone interchangeably.

When your able to have the tools at the right moment learning becomes limitless! Following the interest of the children is what drives me and knowing that I have the support materials from Experience Early Learning gives me the extra advantage I need to be prepared for their unfolding interests and curiosities. It is important to have materials accessible, and ready to go when the child‘s interest is shown.

Our backyard adventures has proven that children’s curiosity is peaked at play and especially in the great outdoors. No doubt, you will be reading more about our backyard adventures here on this blog.

As an Experience Early Learning Blogger, I receive the Experience Early Learning Preschool curriculum in exchange for honest and authentic experiences. As always, my opinions  are 100% my own.  #preschool #familychildcare #EELblogger

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