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Enquiring Minds Want to Know: What Insect Ate the Leaf?

Continuing on with our backyard learning adventures the children have also been making connections to plants and insects. They noticed holes were being made in the leaves of some of plants growing in the garden. We also observed various insects in the garden area and they were able to draw some conclusions to what insect might of made the holes in the plant.

Week 2 and Day 1 of the Bugs and Crawly Things theme from our preschool curriculum from Experience Early Learning included lessons and materials for a process based art activity called Leaf Bug.

Experience Early Learning provided the two shades of green paper, and the red stickers for the art activity for each child, as well as the inspiration photo and title display shown above. When they saw the insects on the photo on the leaves with holes in it they went bananas. All of them exclaimed “I knew it, the ladybug ate the leaves!”.

But let’s take a closer look shall we? Oh that’s not a ladybug, it’s a bettle, a fly maybe? Nevertheless they were right! Our leaf bug was Indeed a ladybug.

Scissors were provided if they wanted to use them to cut leaf shapes from the paper, or they could tear the paper Using their hands. Lots of fine motor skill work going on when using a hole puncher to make holes in the leaves.

Experience Early Learning’s process based art preschool lessons are great etensions to the children’s interest and provides a way for them to find the answer to their own curious questions. I am happy that we are able to offer these types of learning opportunities at the Studio.

As an Experience Early Learning Blogger, I receive the Experience Early Learning Preschool curriculum in exchange for honest and authentic experiences. As always, my opinions  are 100% my own.  #preschool #familychildcare #EELblogger

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