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Honey For Sale! An Backyard STEAM STATION

Lovely weather has been our way and we have totally taken advantage of this. Spending more time in the backyard has definitely led to natural learning about insects.

The kiddos have some mixed feelings about Bees, which makes it a perfect time to share one of the gifts that Bees give to us.

The Honey Store STEAM STATION is a lesson from our Bugs and Crawly Things theme from Experience Early Learning.

The Set Up: You just need some yellow paper to place in empty containers. You can also use yellow pom poms and egg cartons so the kiddos can transfer the "honey" with tweezers.

And of course interested kids. Dramatic Play outside brought a whole new level of excitement to the children.

Everyone played a role in setting up the Honey Store. The team work that was shown was amazing!

With all of the STEAM STATION lessons Experience Early Learning includes Big Questions to help lead the children in their discoveries.

Big Question #1: Where can you buy honey?

The Honey Store! Come on in.

Big Question #2: How much is honey?

They agreed that honey would be $1.00 per scoop.

Big Questions #3: How does honey taste? Feel?

We had an actual honey taste test and all but one likes honey. Imagine that! Now Bees are everyone's best friend. I have to say this was by far one of the most well received STEAM Station lessons from Experience Early Learning. It was simple, but jam packed with so much playful learning.

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