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Keep the Kids Moving With A Literacy Egg Hunt

The literacy activities that go along with our monthly themes keep the children engaged and eager to participate in the playful lessons. Our April theme is Birds & Eggs, which means it's time for an Egg Hunt. Yay!

When I saw the Egg Alphabet activity for Day 2 in our preschool curriculum I knew that this meant that a Literacy Egg Hunt was in order. Anytime I can incorporate gross motors skills into a literacy based lesson I jump all over it. Egg Alphabet is a matching letter game.

Experience Early Learning materials are so easy to set up for the day's programming activities, and this helps me to be able to make each lesson tailored to the children that I teach. I have a rather active bunch of children under my guidance. who also love to play games and to be frank they rather be moving around while playing games versus sitting down.

The Game Mat and the Letter Matching Eggs are the materials needed and provided by Experience Early Learning. The plastic eggs were also provided with this month's curriculum kit. I just had to cut out the letter eggs and put them inside the plastic eggs to have them ready for our Literacy Egg Hunt. I did laminate the eggs for durability, because I am sure this activity will be requested again and again.

Now it's time to go on a Literacy Egg Hunt!

The stakes were added to have a real egg hunt feel, structured, and plus more literacy. Letters all around!

The loot! I can't wait to go on this Literacy Egg Hunt when the kiddos arrive back. The best thing about the Egg Alphabet game provided by Experience Early Learning is that it can be used anytime of the year.

You can use paper at home and make a game mat with writing letters in ovals on it, then write out each letter in the alphabet and place them inside some plastic eggs. Give your child a basket to hold the eggs and go for it. To simplify you can just write the letters on the game mat that you would like to focus on, it does not have to be all 26 letter eggs for the hunt to be successful. In fact, I highly recommend introducing only 4 letters at a time if this is your child's first time with matching letters. This game could also be turned into a Number Egg Hunt.

I thought of some ways that the Literacy Egg Hunt can be used for older children too...

  • Make a game mat with any concept you would like to develop further. For example if you were wanting to focus on basic addition, write the answer to the number in ovals on the paper and then write the addition problem on scraps piece of paper to place inside the eggs (10, 5 +5)

  • Get them writing by providing them with materials to make their own Egg Hunt stakes. You can offer them craft sticks, glue, crayons, markers, or paint

  • Let them make the game mat and game pieces for what type of egg hunt they would like you to go on

I hope everyone is hanging in there! Go outside and play with the kiddos as much as possible, it's what is needed the most. Ah, sun!

As an Experience Early Learning Blogger, I receive the Experience Early Learning Preschool curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic experiences. As always, my opinions are 100% my own. #preschool #familychildcare #EELblogger

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