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Math Story Problems for Preschoolers: No Pencils Required!

Preschoolers often do math story problems on their own without even being aware that this is what they are actually doing. I have observed this often in many areas of the classroom, but mostly in the dramatic play area. They can figure out how many cupcakes would be fair for all who are involved to have, who gets half a cup of chocolate milk, and many other math concept situations that may arise during play without teacher help. Preschoolers are very eager to take on math concepts when it is done through play.

We have been building a collection of math manipulatives over the past months as each month our preschool curriculum includes a new set of these materials. April's math manipulatives were plastic eggs and feathers. Experience Early Learning also includes the Math Story Cards that I sometimes refer to as "math story problems". The Math Story Cards are suggested to be a part of an activity for a specific lesson. April's Math Story Cards are part of Day 18 lesson activities.

Throughout the month I introduce about two new Math Story Cards a week. This sometimes is done when our toddlers may have needed some time to transition to join us for large group, it's a quick fun game to play for us. The Math Story Cards situations are based on our monthly preschool curriculum theme. Experience Early Learning includes in the lesson plan guide how to encourage natural conversations while playing with the Math Story Cards, helpful prompts to guide the children to use their prior background knowledge to solve the problems, and facts to expand their interest.

Math Story Cards for preschoolers provides them with hands on manipulatives and gives them confidence to solve problems. They can visualize the problem, act out the problem, talk out the problem! After first introducing the Math Story Cards to the children it did not take long for them to present to me some math story problems that they created on their own for me to solve. At the beginning of a new theme I hole punch and bind the cards and place them in my teacher basket for easy access. When all of the cards have been introduced I then place them on the shelf next to the manipulatives that go along with the cards, sometimes they have used manipulatives that are different from the the ones in the story. While they may not be able to read the words on the cards, I still was able to observe that they were able to identify the numbers on the cards. Literacy in the math area is so important! Experience Early Learning"s preschool curriculum does cover an amazing amount of core concepts and the Math Story Cards that come included are a great reminder about how simple hands on math story problems can be, while fostering preschoolers to grow into confident problem solvers who enjoy learning math.

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