• Tearri Rivers

We Paint, But Not With Paintbrushes: Process Art

Updated: Jun 8

If you visit our classroom you may see a child painting with a paint brush during a self selected activity. But during Large Group Art lessons when paint is involved we usually use a different type of painting tool to paint with.

Experience Early Learning includes a new painting tool weekly, and it is an object that goes along with the day’s lessons. We have painted with syringes, toothbrushes, forks, qtip swabs, droppers, foam sponges, hair combs, and worms that felt like real ones. So many different painting tools to remember, but the painting tools pictured above are in our stash of extra materials that jogged my memory.

In October the theme was Down on The Farm, one day we painted with Bubble Wrap and of course Corn, because that was the day’s topic.

For this Process Art lesson Experience Early Learning provided the corn shapes, bubble wap, and and inspiration photo with title card.

It’s truly all about the process when it comes to the Creative Corner lessons that are included in the Experience Early Learning’s preschool curriculum. From start to finish the children remove perforated shapes, decide how they will use the materials and what the end result of their art will be.

So that educators can have the words to explain what is actually happening when children are involved in a specific process based art activity, Experience Preschool curriculum also has Information cards to go along with the lesson. The Information Card for this process based art lesson was sharing more about the many uses of corn, and about the experiences of the art project the children gained by participating in the the lesson to share with parents as part of the display of their work.





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