Our Enrollment Process

Studio One enrolls children from ages 2.5 years- 10 years old. All children must be toilet trained unless there are medical physical limitations that prevent them from doing so.


We encourage all families who would like to enroll in the early childhood program to set up a time to tour the childcare home and see first hand what our early childhood program looks like and sounds like. Your children who may be attending are welcomed to come and explore with you. We set up tour times where children in our program are actively engaging in various activities, so that families can get a good feel of the early childhood program. 


During or after the tour we can discuss any specific questions you may have. We offer a full time early childhood program. 


Our 5 Step Enrollment Process


    • Tour  (Virtual Tours Coming Soon)

    • Family Contacts References

    • Signing Day- We review Handbook and Sign Payment Agreement 

    • Home Visit (Zoom)

    • Child's First Day



You can schedule a Tour here.

We conduct Home Visits before child's actual first day of attending the program. We do Home Visits as a way to help children transition into our program. Our Home Visits serve two purposes 1). So the teacher and the child can have a meaningful interaction with each other before the first day 2). To build a relationship with the family. There is a handout in your welcoming package with more details about our home visits.


*Home Visits are performed via Zoom

Enrollment Fees and Cost of Tuition

We provide enrollment with the understanding that it is based on the individual family's schedule, but within our operational hours that is not more than 45 hours per week. So, regardless if you are enrolled for just 5 hours a week or for 45 hours per week the same tuition rate applies and the payment agreement is based on the weekly scheduled contractual hours. Schedule changes that may cause a contract redo may not be accommodated. Our Early Childhood Program operates Monday-Friday from 7:30 am- 6:00 pm.

*Studio One participates in Michigan's Child Development and Care subsidy program.


Tuition Cost is $150.00 per week per child regardless of age.


Enrollment Cost Breakdown:


    • Registration Fee $50.00 per Child (due annually)

    • Two weeks of Tuition per child. One week tuition payment will be for the first week of childcare services and the other payment goes towards the last week of childcare if parent provides a two week's notice to terminate services.


Total Initial Enrollment fee is $350.00.


                                            Hours of Operation/Program Schedule

Studio One operates from 7:30am- 6:00pm to meet the needs of the hardworking families in our community. We do have a daily time limit of only 9 hrs a day of providing services to each child. Please keep this in mind when considering our program to meet your family's needs.


Our early childhood program is eclectic and offers a wide range of opportunities for older toddlers through school-aged children that are developmentally appropriate. We take pride in delivering high quality childcare to the children who attend our program. It is important to note that within our program schedule we have set time aside to incorporate preschool and kindergarten readiness activities, as well as after school learning that may involve enrichment activities or tutoring depending of the needs of the group of the children who are in attendance.


We make use of our outdoor classroom whenever the weather is appropriate so you can expect to see us outside playing while learning everyday as much as we can.


If children use screen media their use is limited to no more than 30 minutes per week at only 15 minutes at a time, and for educational use or physical activities. Engaging alternative activities are offered to all children when screen media is offered. When school-agers are engaged in an educational project or when children require use of assistive technology, time using the computer may be extended.

Office Hours: Monday- Friday from 7:30 am- 6:00 pm

Email Address:  studioneece@gmail.com

Telephone Number: (517) 708-0332 Please note this is a landline and does not have texting capability.




 Lansing ,MI